According to a 2014 U.S. Department of Education study, the disparity in college attendance between this country’s richest and poorest students (82% vs. 52%) is caused, in part, by an un-level playing field in the college exploration and application process. ACE will attempt to remedy this disparity with a research-based model that provides students and families increased guidance and supports two years earlier than is typical. Our programs are designed to generate excitement about college, buy-in for high school coursework, and increased confidence navigating the process. Moreover, we will engage students in early discussions of career choices and offer opportunities to sharpen professional skills before graduation.  Components of our program include:

  • Four-Year College Knowledge Seminar (CKS) for students: All those “extras” you pay for are free at ACE, and offered over four years through our College Knowledge Seminar. Our program is designed to teach you how to navigate the college world, and will offer you step-by-step support as you look for and apply to schools that are the right fit. Key features of this class include: PSAT and SAT Prep, college visits, support writing the College Essay, and more.
  • Family Alliance and College Education Seminars (FACES): We are going to work as a family to get your student off to college. Our FACES program will offer you step-by-step support over four years, helping you feel confident as you connect your child to the dream of a college education. Key features of the program include: Family College Visits, evening parent workshops, and high levels of support securing scholarships and financial aid.

  • College Office and FACES+: The College Office will serve as your resource when you or your family are looking for more personalized or intensive supports. Open throughout the school day and after school, you may schedule a FACES+ appointment, or just walk-in.

  • Career Exploration/CDOS credential: Students at ACE will have the opportunity to explore and practice professional skills by participating in a four-unit sequence of Career Exploration electives. The last course in the sequence is an internship experience grounded in the student’s professional ambitions, and includes weekly “professional development” sessions for students aimed at supporting their success and growth in the context of their internships. All students completing the full sequence in Career Readiness will receive an ACE Career Exploration credential at graduation, and students with disabilities who complete the full sequence will be awarded the New York State Career Development Occupational Studies (CDOS) credential.

  • Career Expo: Twice a year, ACE will host a career expo where students spend the day investigating careers of interest. Activities throughout the day include: plenaries featuring guest speakers, break-out rooms where students can meet with professionals from various career fields, and an opportunity for all students to take a career aptitude survey that can inform where they choose to spend the bulk of their day.